Join the growing trend of people in over 100 countries who have discovered the benefits of Sahaja Yoga Meditation!!

It’s easy to learn and a great stress-buster! Restore inner balance and health in body, mind and spirit without medication. Above all, experience and achieve self-knowledge and holistic wellness. All classes are conducted FREE of charge. We are non-profit organization and have been teaching Sahaja Yoga meditation for 30 years in Hong Kong.

Subtle System


The Subtle System within us governs all important aspects of life – physical, mental and emotional. Sahaja Yoga Meditation empowers you to balance the subtle system and hence balance all aspects of our life.

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Stress Management Programs

Stress management programs can help your organisation arrange workshop for reduce stress related problems at no cost, resulting in a more productive workforce and better work life balance. 

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Children Meditation

Children are the best candidate for meditation because they are simple, joyful, spontaneous and in the present. That’s actually we all are trying to achieve in meditation. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is designed to be simple to learn, making it easy for children pick up, enjoy and then practice on their own. We offer meditation classes for children and parents which could help you and your children to improve attention and awaken the inner potentials, leading to a more balanced and harmonious family life.

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