Meditation Steps

Step 1 – Right hand on the lower left abdomen touching the waist and say, “I want to experience the pure knowledge.”



Step 2 – Right hand on the upper left stomach, just below ribcage and say, “I am my own teacher”.




Step 3 – Right hand on the heart and say, “ I am one with my spirit” .




Step 4 – Right hand on the neck where it meets the shoulder, turn head to the right and say, “ I do not condemn myself”.




Step 5 – Right hand on the forehead pressing in the sides, bend your head down resting on hands and say, “I forgive everyone including myself”.




Step 6 – Place palm of right hand on the top of the head (fontanelle area), stretch back the fingers, push down palm and slowly rotate the scalp (and not head) clockwise seven times saying “Let me experience the state of meditation”.




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