“Sahaja means ‘spontaneous’ or ‘simple’ or ‘born within’ “

Sahaja Yoga Meditation is a simple and easy meditation technique that will help you to achieve a deep state of peace and ‘Self’ awareness in your life. It doesn’t require tricky postures, difficult breathing exercises or chanting. Sahaja Yoga Meditation is not just a theory or system of beliefs, but something with which you can verify on your central nervous system, and helps to get the real state of meditation – where mind is without any unwanted thoughts but still alert and relaxed.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation not only helps reduce stress, restore inner balance, brings good health but enables you to experience your ‘Self-Realisation’ and inner transformation. Regular practice of meditation brings control on yourself from any habits and ‘we become our own teacher’ or self disciplined in all aspects of life.

photo2 -The Subtle SystemSubtle System

Many people who practice Sahaja Yoga Meditation actually had a physical experience and peaceful mind in their very first session.You can try now with around 4 minutes of video , follow the simple given instructions and observe how it makes difference in your current state of mind.Click Here

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