‘Pill’ for stress is free!! Available anytime with no expiry date…

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 “Stress, worry, depression and anxieties all gets dissolved with the rising of the inner energy”.

No hidden secret that most of our physical, emotional and mental problems are caused due to ‘Stress’ and our immune system increases and decreases with our positive or negative emotions. We always look externally to change the condition of unhappiness in life but it is actually our mind that translates outer condition into happiness or suffering. As Abraham Lincoln said that ‘People are as happy as they make up their mind to be. Hence beside popping pills to enhance immune system, we should start to try out the pill which is within all of us that would help to control the mind.

‘Pill’ for stress is evolutionary and benevolent “Inner energy” that’s inside all of us in the base of spine. When inner energy rises upwards through Sahaja Yoga Meditation, it relaxes our subtle nervous system and centers, the root control system of mental, emotional and physical being, hence relaxes our body and mind, felt as gentle cool breeze around. Overreactions of the mind cool down and unwanted thoughts of past that’s gone or future that’s yet to come are not entertained that causes the stress. It enables you to cope with stressful events on an ongoing basis.

Best part that “Inner energy” is readily available, just meditate again to distress and reenergize yourself.

“Sahaja Yoga Meditation proven scientifically to help overcome stress spontaneously”. 

Until now, so-called meditation techniques showed identical results as any common relaxation methods. Unlike other relaxation and meditation methods where research uncovers a common rise in skin temperature. The skin temperature or the Galvanic Skin Resistance (GSR) is an easily measurable and reliable indicator of a person’s internal emotional ‘state’. Experiments on different meditation techniques showed that GSR improves considerably with Sahaja Yoga Meditation compared to other generic meditation. Click Here for details.

Try now Click Here with around 4 minutes of simple activity as open minded scientist and experience the relaxed mind effortlessly.

Through meditation and simple clearing techniques taught in the classes, you can improve the energy centers and achieve optimum state of health and inner balance.

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“Mind becomes very relaxed yet completely focused on any tasks you need to perform in your daily life”.

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As explained above that we have subtle autonomic nervous system and energy centers, a complex set of nerves that governs the function of all the organs of our body. Imbalance within this subtle system, is the cause of both physical and psychological illness, like when stress levels increase, brain activity increases causing many unwanted thoughts, and an energy imbalance is created due to overuse of the subtle energy center and channel. When over activity elevates to a certain point, the functioning of some internal organs and immune system is affected.

Sahaja Yoga Meditation triggers inner energy to rise in the sacrum bone in base of spine and pierce through each of the chakras, causing each of them to come into a state of balance and alignment (like a string threading through a series of beads). In this way the nervous system and centers are rejuvenated and nourished by the inner energy ascent. As the inner reaches the brain and the centers within it, mental tensions are neutralised. An inner state of mental calm is established. This inner silence becomes a source of inner peace and joy that neutralises the stresses of daily life, enhancing creativity, productivity and self-satisfaction.