Enjoy Meditation!! Whenever, wherever you want…

“You cannot do meditation, you can be in Meditation. Meditation is a state and not an activity.”

photo3-sun-rise-300x225You are aware of thoughtless state

Despite its popularity, meditation has not been properly understood. People think of meditation as mental concentration, visualization, breathing exercises, chanting or adopting certain traditional postures. These techniques are not really meditation. In reality, meditation is a state of thoughtless awareness. This is the state in which the constant rising and falling of thoughts in the mind comes to an end. For example, every time you find something stunning, especially in nature or art – an awesome sunset, a breathtaking image, etc. – you become thoughtless!

 _ethought wavesThoughtless

The problem with normal human attention is that it likes to jump from one object to another. It is restless, fidgety and hard to settle, just like the ‘monkey mind’ as it is commonly known. This ‘monkey-mind’ can be described as a stream of thought waves (or beta waves in scientific terms) as shown in the figure, rising up and then subsiding away, coming from our past memories or from our active, futuristic planning.

e_Meditation StateMeditation State

The million-dollar question that psychologists, educators and scientists ask is: how to improve and control one’s attention?

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Through meditation and simple clearing techniques taught in the classes, you can improve the energy centers and achieve optimum state of health and inner balance.

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“Learn to control and improve your restless attention…and you can be in the state of the present moment – any place, any time with little effort”.

australia-ayers-rock_6009_600x450Be still like a mountain

In Sahaja Yoga Meditation, gradually, we learn to steady our attention in the space or gap between the thoughts. In this state, our mind becomes still and balanced, and we neither think of the past nor the future. We are simply in the present, the moment where our attention becomes free of unwanted thoughts, relaxed yet alert. With the regular practice of meditation this gap grows more and more and mind enters easily into thoughtless awareness even while doing day to day work. It is possible to retain this awareness within you even as you are travelling in the bus, talking to friends or perhaps enjoying stunning nature scenery. Whether it is an awesome sunset or a piece of creative artwork, your mind absorbs the beauty of the creation and becomes thoughtless and blissful!